6F.03 Gas Turbine (50/60 Hz)


80 MW


Meeting the Growing Need for Decentralized Power 

Whether you need to generate power on-site or produce steam for petrochemical or district-heating operations, the 6F.03 heavy-duty gas turbine delivers high levels of efficiency, availability, flexibility, and reliability. Its high exhaust energy makes the 6F.03 gas turbine ideal for mid-size combined-cycle, industrial cogeneration, district-heating, and remote-processing applications.


5 million

operating hours

Durable, Compact Design for Diverse Applications

  • Fits stringent layout constraints  
  • Engineered to perform in harsh and remote environments
  • More than 140 units around the globe being used in a wide range of applications, including:
    • Dual-fuel islanding
    • District heating
    • Integrated water and power production (water desalination)
    • Aluminum manufacturing (smelters and process steam)
    • Refineries (fueled with synthetic gas from residual oil gasification)
    • Oil and gas upstream (steam for oil extraction)
    • Pulp and paper production
    • Industrial parks

Fuel Flexibility Gives You More Options to Operate Your Asset 

  • Operation on a wide range of natural gas, distillate, and synthetic fuels
  • Turndown to 50 percent turbine load with Dry Low NOx (DLN) 2.6 combustion, resulting in fewer starts and lower fuel costs
  • Online transfer from natural gas to light distillate, improving uptime
  • Multi-Nozzle Quiet Combustor (MNQC), capable of using syngas from 20 to 90 percent hydrogen MNQC employing steam or nitrogen injection, achieving less than 25 ppm NOx emissions on syngas

Engineered to Address Your Challenges

  • Robust DLN 2.6 combustion system that enables lower emissions—less than 15 ppm NOx or 9 ppm CO—and 24,000-hour combustion inspection intervals
  • Advanced technology—aerodynamically scaled from the 7F.04 gas turbine—that delivers higher efficiency, reliability, and availability
  • Layout flexibility—including lateral or axial air inlet and indoor or outdoor acoustic enclosures—that overcomes space constraints

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6F.03 formally known as Frame 6F, 6F 3-Series, 6F-3, 6FA.03, 6FA.01, 6FA, 6FA+e, 6F Syngas, 6111(FA), 6101(FA), PG6111FA, PG6101FA, and MS6001(FA).