7F.05 Gas Turbine (60 Hz)


231 MW


Next-generation, F-class flexibility and efficiency

Nobody needs to tell you the demands of today’s power generation industry: lower cost of electricity, dispatch volatility, and increased efficiency, reliability, and asset availability. We understand. So we engineered the 7F.05 high-efficiency gas turbine to be efficient and agile when you need it and simple to maintain when you don’t. 


More than 59%
combined-cycle efficiency

Flexibility to Do What You Need, When You Need It

  • Combined cycle efficiency is more than 59 percent
  • 10-minute startup to a 50 percent load delivers increased revenue, lower starting emissions, and higher dispatchability
  • Turndown to 38 percent of gas turbine baseload increases spinning reserve capability and lowers fuel costs
  • Opflex Advanced model-based control technology generates fast ramp rate of 40 MW per minute and helps you capture more revenue 
  • Autotune capability accommodates a wide range of fuel variations, up to 14 percent Wobbe Index

Enhanced Efficiency, Designed to Stay that Way

  • Three-stage hot gas path with advanced cooling and sealing technologies improves efficiency and lifecycle costs
  • Advanced compressor with superfinish 3-D aero airfoils reduces degradation and improves fuel efficiency
  • Three stages of variable stator vanes enhance hot-day and part-load efficiency 

Maintenance with Your Needs in Mind

  • Field-replaceable compressor blades cut replacement time, downtime, and costs
  • 100 percent borescope coverage simplifies and fortifies inspections
  • Straightforward air-cooled architecture combined with proven materials provides the lowest lifecycle cost in its class

Fuel Flexibility with Price and Availability Choices

  • Uniform technology is deployed in areas with varying local fuel supplies
  • Full range of fuel flexibility includes natural gas, distillate oil, lean methane fuels, pure ethane, syngas, light crude oil, and a variety of other fuels
  • Only GE has proven F-class operation on Arabian Super Light (ASL) crude oil

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7F.05 formally known as 7F 5-Series, 7F-5, and 7FA.05.