9E.03 / 9E.04 Gas Turbine (50 Hz)


132-143 MW


Flexible, Adaptable Performance

From desert climates and the tropics to arctic cold, the rugged 9E.03 heavy-duty gas turbine provides essential power and performs in a vast number of locations and applications. It is one of the most fuel-flexible products in the industry, offering you more choices for flexible operation of your facility.


30 million

operating hours

Providing the Widest Range of Fuels Experience

  • Capability of using more than 52 types of fuel—almost the entire fuel spectrum—including fuels with contaminants, natural gas, light and heavy distillate oil, naphtha, crude, residual oil, syngas, and steel mill/blast furnace gases
  • Ability to switch fuels while running under full load 
  • Dry Low NOx (DLN) combustion with 5 ppm NOx(1) and 25 ppm CO with around 20 percent modified wobbe index (MWI) flexibility 
  • Emissions standards that meet World Bank requirements, including dual-fuel heavy fuel oil plants
(1) Assumes Ultra Low NOx option is chosen

Reliably Powering the Grid and Beyond

  • Delivery of 132 MW in simple cycle with 99 percent reliability and capability of more than 52 percent combined cycle efficiency in 2x1 9E configuration 
  • Cyclic, mid-cyclic, and baseload operations rapidly adjustable to meet fluctuating power demands and environmental mandates 
  • Operation in arduous climates ranging from desert and tropical
    humidity to artic cold 
  • Simple cycle, combined cycle, industrial combined heat and power (CHP), and mechanical drive applications in a broad range of industries including electrical utilities/independent power producers (IPPs), industrial oil and gas refineries, integrated water and power production, aluminum industry for smelting, steel mills, and liquefied natural gas (LNG)

9E.04 Offers Enhanced Power and Performance

  • Reduced fuel costs and increased revenue — 143 MW output and 37% efficiency simple cycle — 208 MW output and more than 53% efficiency in a 1x1 MS 9E.04 combined cycle power plant.
  • A nearly five percent reduction in installed $/kW price, translating to a quicker return on investment.
  • New 4-stage turbine module fits within the same footprint as an already installed 9E gas turbine unit.
  • Utilizes proven E- and F-class materials, fired at lower E-class temperatures for hot gas path, with cooling and sealing improvements, improved clearances and optimized work splits between stages.

Rapidly Getting You from Decision to Power Delivery

  • Operational flexibility with fast-start, fast-load capability 
  • Speedy delivery, less than 11 months from contract to operation 
  • Quick installation in challenging environments, with modular design and prepackaged components 
  • Longest maintenance intervals without reduced performance— 32,000 hours for combustion and hot gas path inspections 
  • Compact footprint with easy addition of incremental power when phased capacity expansion is required


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9E.03 formally known as Frame 9E, 9E, 9E 3-Series, 9141(E), 9151(E), 9161(E), 9171(E), PG9141E, PG9151E, PG9161E, PG9171E, 9E PIP, 9E AGP, 9E Syngas, 9E BFG, and MS9001(E).