9F.03 / 9F.04 Gas Turbine (50 Hz)


265-280 MW


Flexibility and High Performance Together

In a world of trade-offs, the rugged 9F.03 heavy-duty gas turbine delivers efficiency, flexible operation, and reliability in one proven solution. Its delivery cycle of less than eight months from order to operation gets you up and running fast. 


12.4 million

operating hours

Consistent Performance with Improved Results in Diverse Applications

  • Cyclic, mid-cyclic, and baseload operations, rapidly adjustable to meet fluctuating power demands and environmental mandates
  • District heating
  • Industrial, refinery cogeneration
  • Integrated water and power plant, water desalination
  • Aluminum industry for smelters

9F.04 … Lowest Life Cycle Cost in Its Class

  • Advanced Gas Path (AGP) in the 9F.04 provides enhanced performance with reliable, cost-effective operation.
  • Delivers 15 MW of additional output and 0.8% points of improved efficiency in simple cycle.
  • AGP utilizes improved materials, cooling, and sealing and is retrofitable to 9F.03 units to enable commonality across installed units.
  • Builds upon over 140 F-class AGP installations and over 500,000 operating hours.
  • Extended 32,000-hour combustion and hot gas path inspection intervals, with most parts lasting multiple cycles.

Engineered to Respond Quickly and Efficiently When Needs or Conditions Change

  • More than 97 percent average start-up reliability
  • Low cumulative NOx emissions that meet annual tonnage limits even while operating in cyclic duty
  • Faster start times that can speed the entire start sequence—up to 15 minutes in simple cycle, and 20 minutes in combined cycle

Robust Operation During Weather, Fuel, and Grid Variations

  • Better availability with closed-loop, real-time combustion system tuning
  • More fuel flexibility, up to 20 percent Modified Wobbe Index (MWI) variation in natural gas
  • Improved survivability from grid disruptions and load transients

Load Range Expansion, Efficiency, Responsiveness, and Customization

  • Larger emissions-compliant operating range; staying online to attain higher dispatch priority; increased available load range for dispatch
  • Good emissions citizenship; staying online while reducing greenhouse gases
  • Less fuel usage by staying online and avoiding start/stop cycle costs

Enhancements for Reliable Cost-Effective Operation 

  • 99 percent average reliability
  • Improved compressor that increases reliability and availability, while reducing periodic inspections and maintenance costs
  • OpFlex* AutoTune, which improves Dry Low NOx (DLN) operability and eliminates firing-temperature suppression
  • Mark* VIe Control Platform real-time physics-based modeling that increases overall performance, operability, and reliability

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*Trademark of General Electric Company

9F.03 formally known as Frame 9F, 9F 3-Series, 9F-3, 9FA+e, 9FA.03, 9351(FA), PG9351FA, 9FA+, 9FA.02, 9331(FA), PG9331FA, 9FA, 9FA.01, 9311(FA), PG9311FA, and MS9001(FA).