9F.05 Gas Turbine (50Hz)


299 MW


GE’s Highest F-Class Combined-Cycle Efficiency

Meeting customer demands for clean, reliable, cost-effective power, when fuel costs are a critical consideration, the 9F.05 heavy-duty gas turbine provides our most advanced F-class technology for 50 Hz applications. With combined-cycle efficiency at more than 60 percent, and with more than 99 percent running reliability, this turbine is well suited for baseload, cogeneration, and cycling applications.



operating hours

Improved Operational Flexibility

  • Well suited for combined-cycle applications, with 99.8 percent average reliability and 95.1 percent average availability(1)
  • Advanced Dry Low NOx (DLN) 2.6+ combustion system enables 25 ppm NOx emissions
  • Turndown to 38 percent of baseload within emissions compliance
  • Fast start reduces time across the entire start sequence, up to 20 minutes less in combined cycle, lowering startup emissions
  • Enhanced compressor increases reliability and availability and reduces periodic inspections and maintenance costs
  • OpFlex* AutoTune improves DLN operability, increasing range of natural gas compositions that can be used and improving cold day performance

Enhanced Architecture for Performance and Reliability

  • Inlet guide vane enhancements dramatically reduce degradation and stress on wear-related components and lengthen compressor life cycle
  • Three-stage hot gas path (HGP) turbine has Advanced Gas Path features, and improved materials provide cooling and longer parts durability
  • Mark* VIe Control System real-time physics-based modeling increases overall performance, operability, and reliability

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*Trademark of General Electric Company

(1) Source: ORAP SPS, 2011-2013

9F.05 Formerly known as 9F 5-Series, 9F.05, 9FB, 9FB.01, 9FB.02, 9FB.03, 9371(FB), PG9371FB and MS9001(FB).