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High-Efficiency Hydrogen-Cooled Generators

Hydrogen’s low gas density, high specific heat, and high thermal conductivity enable the highest efficiency generators in our portfolio. Hydrogen-cooled generators use proven technologies and advanced materials to deliver over 98.9 percent efficiency. They are well suited for combined- or simple-cycle applications, on both steam and gas turbines.

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500+ million
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Advanced Technology for Reliability and Performance

  • GE Tetraloc end-winding technology, proven to maintain mechanical integrity throughout the generators’ operating life
  • Advanced insulation technology for greater voltage endurance and armature life
  • Upgraded end shield reduces deflection for improved seal system performance, accommodates increased drive train axial expansion, and improves maintenance access to seal oil casing, bearing housing, and mounting surfaces
  • Controls with common operator interface and protection system enhances operation, data analysis, and proactive maintenance

Tailored to Improve Installation and Maintainability

  • Robust construction with one-piece frame and enhancements for ease of installation and in-service maintainability
  • Advanced monitoring, enabled via the Mark* VIe Integrated Control System and automated accessory controls, reduces manual intervention for efficient operation
  • Direct radial-cooled rotor and once-through stator cooling circuit, for simplified architecture and easier maintenance
  • Parts commonality applied to both the gas and steam turbines lowers inventory carrying costs and enables more efficient outage management

Building on a Century of Generator Experience

  • Manufacturing generators for more than 100 years, GE creates advanced technology to boost performance and improve reliability
  • Our generator architecture continues to evolve and incorporate lessons learned from a fleet of more than 2,600 hydrogen-cooled generators
  • We invest in generator development and validation facilities for improved reliability and availability; Non-Metallic Materials Lab, Armature End Winding and Development Labs, and Generator Endurance Test Stand for full unit cyclic duty and endurance testing

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Hydrogen Cooled Generators GE GEN-H53, GE GEN-H73, GE GEN-H55, GE GEN-H75, GE GEN-H84, GE GEN-H33, GE GEN-H73, GE GEN-H53, GE GEN-H65, formerly known as H53, H73, H55, H75, H84, H85, H33, H73, H53, H65, 324, 390H, 330H, 450H, H28, 7FH2, 390H, 324, and H26.