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We take generator performance seriously; we engineer and build to demanding specifications that keep you on the leading edge of efficient, reliable output. Your system installs fast, integrates easily, and delivers the power you need with more uptime. 


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With more than 10,000 generators shipped around the world to diverse applications, we understand the operational challenges and the performance promises our customers need us to keep. So we offer a complete range of configurations and cooling technologies to help meet your unique performance specs. We follow through on our engineering with manufacturing and service, so you get generator solutions that perform at or above specifications to keep your operations up and running. 


Cooling Technologies

  • GE GEN-A (air-cooled) generators are an ideal choice for power system applications that demand simple, flexible operation 
  • GE GEN-H (hydrogen-cooled) generators, with low gas density, high specific heat, and high thermal conductivity, are excellent when your goal is higher efficiency
  • GE GEN-W (water-cooled) generators do the job efficiently, and within a small footprint, when high-output requirements exceed the cooling capabilities of air-cooled or hydrogen-cooled generators
Generator product portfolio

Innovation for Improvement

Stator Frame
Engineered for low vibration using advanced finite element analysis.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to improve overall performance of the field winding.

Excitation System
Packaged excitation housing with improved ventilation, multi-point filter and brush holder access, as well as optional bus bar configurations.

Insulation System
Micapal III* stator bar insulation technology enables higher power density with advanced voltage stress capabilities.

Validation Testing for Peace of Mind

Generator Full-Scale Test Stand
Full-speed, no-load testing for open and short-circuit with rapid thermal cycling for long-term endurance evaluation.

Generator Armature Development Lab
Subscale stator bar and support system test up to 17,000 amps.

Connection Ring/End Winding Lab
Evaluation is conducted on support systems and bushings, relative thermal growth of connection rings, axial thermal growth of stator bars, and effectiveness of material and architecture changes.

GE thermal generator


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