Our portfolio of power generation solutions provides certainty in an uncertain world, delivering the operational flexibility and performance needed to adapt to today’s rapidly evolving energy environment.

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Power Plant Solutions

Our integrated and comprehensive power plant approach lets us meet a diverse range of customer operational needs and applications.

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Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines

Explore the world’s largest range of heavy-duty gas turbines that support simple and combined-cycle operation.

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Aeroderivative Gas Turbines

Our 50 Hz and 60 Hz aeroderivative gas turbines are based on proven technology and provide dependable, flexible energy.

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Steam Turbines

GE is a world leader in the development and application of steam turbine technology, with more than 619 GW of steam turbine capacity from more than 10,600 installed units since 1901.

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We offer a complete range of generator configurations and cooling technologies.

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Reciprocating Gas Engines

Our fuel-flexible engines of up to 10 MW operate on a wide range of field and natural gas, diesel, as well as biogas and landfill, coal mine, associated petroleum and sewage gas.

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Fuels Capability Solutions

GE’s industry leading fuel experience provides the confidence to deliver solutions to meet our customers’ fuel needs.

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Expert Insights

Hear from our experts on how we create the innovative technology for today’s (and tomorrow’s) power generation needs.

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Jatila Ranasinghe

General Manager, Customer Applications Engineering

"We are providing clean and efficient power, raising the living standard all over the world."

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Jeffrey Goldmeer

Gas Turbine Fuel Flexibility Manager

"We help bring power to emerging countries by developing innovative solutions that maximize the regions’ fuel resources."

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Kimberly Hill

"We are working with teams in our facilities to identify our customers' biggest issues. We look at injuries and other safety concerns to see where our focus should be."

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