Aeroderivative Gas Turbines

Operational flexibility is inherent to GE’s portfolio of aeroderivative gas turbines and a critical component of our customers’ success. We understand the importance of speed and flexibility when it comes to responding to power demands. Our gas turbines are designed to meet these challenges with efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Reliability, Performance, and Efficiency

No matter the location, no matter the environment, if an application calls for power, GE has the answer. Our comprehensive lineup of 50 Hz and 60 Hz aeroderivative gas turbines helps provide a precise and dependable energy supply that’s safe and flexible, with up to 56 percent combined-cycle thermal efficiency and more than 80 percent efficiency in a cogeneration configuration. Surpassing 100 million total operating hours, GE’s aeroderivative gas turbines have secured a leadership position in technology, performance, and value to the customer.



Fast, Flexible Power

Fast Installation with Less Interruption

GE is committed to maintaining short manufacturing cycles supported by dependable, predictable delivery times and a robust supply chain. Our modular package designs and on-going interconnect innovation allow for shorter manufacturing cycles and faster installation times with less installed and operational costs than field-erected units. All of our units undergo rigorous factory testing after assembly and are ready for operation soon after arriving on site—translating into lower installation costs, shorter project schedules, and reduced financial risk for our customers.

Fast Starts and Cycling Capability

The ability to go from cold iron to full power in just 10 minutes and the ability to start and stop in short, 15-minute cycles (several times per day if necessary) without impacting maintenance intervals make our aeroderivative gas turbines exceptionally adept at accommodating fluctuating demand with increasing efficiency across multiple industry segments. Our turbines can be the first to respond to a peak power demand opportunity, without the costs of a spinning reserve.

Load Following

Thanks to a two-rotor design, GE’s aeroderivative portfolio provides higher part power efficiency and faster response to load changes than other similar gas turbines in the industry. This load matching allows for greater grid stability of voltage and frequency, and provides greater starting torque for mechanical drive applications.

High Availability/Reliability

By utilizing aircraft experience and design, our aeroderivative design approach incorporates features such as split casings, modular construction, individual replacement of internal and external parts, and GE’s “lease pool” engine program. Our extensive use of high quality components common with parent aircraft engines validates engine reliability and offers reduced parts cost.

Wide Fuel Range

At GE, we understand flexibility in fuel choices is a high priority. Our Alternate Fuels Center of Excellence is leading the industry in identifying, designing, and delivering fuel flexibility options - all with the high reliability, availability, and maintainability standards you expect from GE. Our experience on liquid biofuels is proven and growing. In addition to conventional turbine fuels such as #2 diesel, jet fuel, and kerosene, aeroderivative gas turbines are designed to run on a range of alternates; from light distillates like naphtha, to greener fuels such as biodiesels and ethanol derived from various feedstocks. Our package and engine systems have over 450,000 hours of successful operations on naphtha fuel, and over 23,000 hours of operation using biodiesel.


With models ranging from 45-58 MW, the LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines continue to take flexibility and speed to a new level.

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GE’s LMS100 aeroderivative gas turbine provides a single, economical solution for the 100+ MW dispatch needs of nearly every global power segment.

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TM2500 Mobile Gas Turbine Family

The TM2500 is a mobile aeroderivative gas turbine generator set available for both 50 and 60 Hz applications that’s perfect both as a fast power solution or for generating backup power during natural disaster relief, plant shutdowns, or grid instability.

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