The TM2500 is a mobile aeroderivative gas turbine generator set available for both 50 and 60 Hz applications that functions both as a fast power solution or for generating backup power during natural disaster relief, plant shutdowns, or grid instability.

Fast Power, Delivered in Days

After shipment, the TM2500 can generate power in about 11 days, saving customers months of construction, installation, and economic losses.

The Flexibility to Meet Any Demand

TM2500 is capable of running on gaseous and liquid fuels, including natural gas, diesel, propane, and more without major hardware modifications.

Proven Experience

GE has more than a decade of experience installing TM2500 globally. The foundation of the TM2500 fast power solution is the TM2500 gas turbine, with more than 79 million combined operating hours.

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Fast Power
TM2500+ aeroderivative gas turbine


The TM2500 is a complete turnkey energy solution that can provide power whenever and wherever it’s needed.

  • Installation and commissioning in as few as eleven days
  • Less than 10 minute start cycle ensures the TM2500 is ready to go to work when you are 
  • Up to 35 MW of power output
  • Mounted on a mobile, two-trailer assembly, it can be transported via land, sea, and air--whenever and wherever it's needed
  • Fuel flexibility: can operate on gas and/or distillate liquid fuel
  • Compact footprint allows for higher power density, and its lighter weight allows for enhanced mobility, include the ability to relocate units as necessary
  • Lower emissions: 50 percent lower emissions than diesel generators when operating on gas
  • Scalable technology solutions that allows for gradual expansion without major capital expenditure costs
  • Dedicated GE team for planning, installation, and life cycle support



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Product Specifications

TM2500 50 Hz
Net Output (MW) 34.3
Net Efficiency (%) 35.3%
Gross heat rate (Btu/kWH, LHV) 9665
Gross heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV) 10197
Exhaust temp (C) 517.1
Exhaust temp (F) 962.7
DLE/SAC Combustor Technology SAC
Emissions – NOx (ppm @15% O2) 25
Footprint – L x W (Meters) 24 x 7
TM2500 60 Hz
Net Output (MW) 37.1
Net Efficiency (%) 35.3%
Gross heat rate (Btu/kWH, LHV) 9171
Gross heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV) 9676
Exhaust temp (C) 510
Exhaust temp (F) 950
DLE/SAC Combustor Technology SAC
Emissions – NOx (ppm @15% O2) 25
Footprint – L x W (Meters) 24 x 7
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