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The flexibility to operate reliably and efficiently on lower-cost fuels—saving customers money.

Turbine Fuel Technologies

For more than 50 years, GE has cultivated close relationships with owners, operators, and fuel suppliers, with the goals of understanding new fuel trends, expanding our capability for existing turbine fuels, qualifying new fuels, and actively investing in new combustion technologies. As a result, we have the broadest experience to reliably convert the full spectrum of fuels to mechanical, electrical, and thermal energy. Over the last decade, GE experts have performed over 20,000 hours of combustion testing to validate our technology as well as develop new technologies and expanded fuel capabilities.


GE has more than 400 gas turbine fuel and combustion experts that are leading the industry in developing solutions for expanded fuels capability. Our experts have the ability to test nearly any fuel used in gas turbines at world-class facilities like at our Greenville Combustion Lab.


GE offers combustion technologies, hardware, and controls to help our customers utilize a broad range of gas turbine fuels. Our Dry Low NOx (DLN) combustion systems are continuously evolving to meet new customer challenges. GE's range of combustion systems have accrued over 190 million fired hours combined.


GE has the broadest experience reliably converting fuels to mechanical, electrical, and thermal energy, giving us the capabilities to deliver solutions to meet our customers’ fuel needs.



The process of choosing a fuel for electrical power generation is a complex task, influenced by factors like fuel price and availability. Gas turbines—which play a key role in global power generation—can operate on a wide variety of gaseous and liquid fuels. 

GE’s gas turbines offer broad fuel capability, creating value for our customers.

A650 steam turbine
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A650 steam turbine

Fuels Capability: Case Studies

Jeffrey Goldmeer, Ph.D., is an accomplished leader in the energy and power generation industries with more than 20 years of expertise in combustion and fuels. In his current role, Jeffrey is responsible for the strategic development of new combustion technologies and expanding gas turbine product capabilities for emerging fuel applications.

Download Jeff’s published case study on the application of Arabian Super Light (ASL) Crude Oil, and a new case study "Enabling ethane as a primary gas turbine fuel: an economic benefit from the growth of shale gas." 

Fuels Capability: E-Portfolio

GE has more experience than any other OEM operating on natural gas and alternative gas solutions. Our turbine fuel technology experts provide our customers with a deeper level of insight on GE’s fuels expertise, equipment capabilities, and field and lab experience. Gain deeper insight into GE's fuels capability with our E-Portfolio, coming soon on PowerPlay Insights. (Login required.) 


Fuel Profiles

These 23 comprehensive gas turbine fuel types outline the recommended fuel conditioning processes, provide fuel attributes and baseline fuel comparisons, and details GE’s experience and gas turbine options by class.

Fuel Conditioning

Due to varying compositions and contaminant levels, all gas turbine fuels require some level of conditioning for safe and reliable operation in a gas turbine. GE's Fuel Conditioning Appendix provides additional details on our fuel conditioning processes.

System Schematics

These Fuel System Schematics help illustrate where the fuel conditioning processes are applied along the liquid and gas fuel systems; from the point of fuel delivery, to gas turbine operation, and prior to heat recovery steam generator emission.

Impacts Matrix

Some turbine engine fuel conditioning processes have nominal impacts, while others can have significant impacts on CapEx, OpEx, and performance (output and efficiency). This matrix indicates the degree of impact for each process.


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