GE is bringing generator technology and performance to the next level. We engineer and build our generators to meet the demanding specifications that keep you on the leading edge of efficient, reliable output. Our equipment installs quickly, integrates easily, operates reliably and delivers more power. With over 12,000 generators shipped since 1901, GE understands your challenges, and offers a complete range of configurations and cooling technologies to meet industry needs.

Our validation program is rigorous. Every new product is subjected to endurance and thermal-cyclic testing that simulate one full year of operation. This approach helps ensure that we deliver the world-class reliability you expect.

GE fully integrates engineering, manufacturing and life cycle services to keep your generators operational for the life of the equipment and to provide more value to you.


Modular Generator Architecture

  • Constant cross-section core segments are used to achieve higher product ratings with common designs.
  • Common end components drive greater spare parts efficiency, interchangeability, and maintenance familiarity.
  • One-piece frame and flexible terminal lead arrangements provide ease of installation and reduce plant construction costs.

Armature Systems

  • Micapal*, MICADUR* and DURITENAX* stator bar insulation technologies enable higher power density, advanced voltage stress, and thermal conductivity capabilities for greater armature performance.
  • Robust mechanical features, such as TETRALOC* and self-retightening end winding support systems, allow thermal expansion of the winding during operational transients while simultaneously tightening the winding.
  • Armature slot retention systems to ensure constant pressure on the bars, restraining them from radial and tangential motion during operation. These features include top-ripple and side-ripple springs as well as concave-convex and piggy-back wedging systems.

Water-Cooled Technology

  • Stainless steel armature bar cooling tubes provide a proven method of eliminating the risk of cooling tube clogging, which can result in armature overheating.
  • Advanced phosphorous-free brazed connections help reduce leakage.
  • The high oxygen deionized water system prevents cuprous oxide buildup.
  • Optimized for both rail and road transport. Only a small number of individual parts are transported, which translates into short delivery and faster erection time.

GIGATOP (Water-Cooled) Generator

These generators are the ideal solution for large combined cycle or simple cycle power plants when output requirements exceed the capabilities of conventional hydrogen-cooled machines.

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TOPAIR (Air-Cooled) Generator

These generators are the choice for power plant applications that demand simple, flexible operation.

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TOPACK (Air-Cooled) Generator

These prepackaged generator solutions are reliable and arrive ready to install.

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GE empowers you with total lifecycle solutions tailored to your desired outcomes. Our advanced technology and service solutions deliver industry-leading value to your products.

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Hear from our experts on how we create the innovative technology for today’s (and tomorrow’s) power generation needs.

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Christine Cardoso

Customer Fulfillment Lead, Southern US Region

"We have the one goal in mind—to make sure our customers are satisfied."

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Guy DeLeonardo

Product Manager, Advanced Combined-Cycle Platforms

"I like being able to bring technology to solve problems for customers. It’s about being more efficient in converting natural gas to electricity."

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Justin Eggart

General Manager of Technology for Monitoring, Software, and Analytics

"With our remote Monitoring & Diagnostics Center, we have the ability to identify a potential issue and—in minutes—employ GE experts around the world to solve the customer’s gas turbine challenge."

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