Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines

As the world’s largest supplier of gas turbines, we offer a wide array of equipment options to meet your most challenging energy requirements. Discover the best solution to balance your global energy goals and your budget.

H-class gas turbine
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GE’s heavy-duty gas turbines support simple and combined-cycle operation for pure power generation, cogeneration, mechanical drive, and district heating. With these products, GE can create and deliver ground-breaking solutions for customers, partners, and communities around the world.

High-Efficiency H Class

  • Most cost-effective conversion of natural gas to electricity in the H-class industry
  • The world’s largest high-efficiency turbine features H-class technology: 510 MW
  • First H-class gas turbine in the industry: 235,000 operating hours

Industry-Leading F-Class

  • Technology introduced to the industry 25 years ago
  • World’s largest fleet, with more than 1,100 installed units
  • 50 million fired hours in service
  • Industry’s best reliability at 99.4 percent

Reliable B- and E-Class

  • Rugged and available in the most arduous climates
  • Industry-leading fuel flexibility, burning more than 50 gases and liquids
  • Quick installation for fast-track projects
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A Pioneer in Gas Turbine Technology

We leveraged more than 60 years of material science from our aviation heritage to get increased performance at high firing temperatures. We were the first to introduce single-crystal alloys and devoted 15 years to developing ceramic matrix composites. These materials provide longer parts life for lower lifecycle costs and higher efficiencies, leading to a cost effective conversion of fuel to electricity.

Additionally, GE is the industry leader in burning unconventional gas. We introduced the first F-class gas turbine to use Arabian Super Light crude. And we invented the Dry Low NOx (DLN) combustion system more than 30 years ago to reduce emissions.


Experience You Can Count On

GE is a power generation pioneer with a rich history and heritage that includes more than 60 years in gas turbine technology and manufacturing.

Half of the world’s installed power base is from GE, with more than 10,000 gas and steam turbine generating units, representing more than 1,000,000 megawatts of installed capacity in 120 countries.

Validation that Demonstrates Performance

We built the largest, most powerful off-grid gas turbine testing facility in the world that demonstrates proven gas turbine operability and performance, before first fire.

9HA.01 / 9HA.02 Gas Turbine (50 Hz)

The world’s largest and most efficient heavy-duty gas turbine.

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7HA.01 / 7HA.02 Gas Turbine (60 Hz)

A proven leader among H-class offerings.

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9F.06 Gas Turbine (50 Hz)

F-class leadership with room to grow.

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9F.05 Gas Turbine (50Hz)

GE’s highest F-class combined-cycle efficiency.

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9F.03 / 9F.04 Gas Turbine (50 Hz)

A demonstrated cycle as short as eight months from order to operation.

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7F.06 Gas Turbine (60 Hz)

A proven leader in the F-class.

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7F.05 Gas Turbine (60 Hz)

Next-generation F-class flexibility and efficiency.

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7F.04 Gas Turbine (60 Hz)

Setting the industry standard for F-class power.

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9E.03 / 9E.04 Gas Turbine (50 Hz)

One of the most fuel-flexible products in the industry, capability of using more than 52 types of fuel.

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7E.03 Gas Turbine (60 Hz)

Versatility for extreme operating environments.

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GT13E2 Gas Turbine (50 Hz)

The highest efficiency E-class turbine.

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6F.03 Gas Turbine (50/60 Hz)

Advanced technology for decentralized power.

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