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A Heritage of Adaptability and Reliability

Powered by Predix, the Digital Power Plant (DPP) showcases an agile digital infrastructure and a suite of innovative applications built for the Industrial Internet. Harness the capabilities of GE's HA DPP to drive performance, predictability and profitability; the best power plant systems for best economics. 


Base Offerings

The 2016 Digital Power Plant base offering includes the following software solutions:

Asset Performance
Improve plant reliability and availability with advanced predictive analytics, and diagnose root cause and corrective actions faster.

Operations Optimization
The power to visualize startup details including fuel consumption, emissions, and start costs; align operating profiles with marketplace dispatch needs; and diagnose thermal system performance and reduce cycle losses.

Business Optimization
Use weather forecasts and tuned plant models to respond to marketplace price signals. 


Suite of HA DPP Applications

GE recognizes that marketplace dynamics are constantly changing. From fuel prices, grid codes, tax credits, to the energy mix, our customers' environments can change over time. The Digital Power Plant enables adaptability, optionality, and fine-tuning of the plant over its lifetime. 

Depending on your plant’s environment, the HA can be configured through three applications for customers to generate new revenue streams. These DPP applications are specifically engineered for the HA gas turbine.

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The base offering leverages GE's PredixTM technology, including a digital twin: a computer model that simulates real-world machine fleets, assets and parts, enhancing the user experience.

Value A power system with visibility, insights, and recommended actions 
Customer Outcomes:
  • Improve offers/schedules
  • Reduce production costs
  • Improve dispatch
  • Reduce start cost/time
  • Improve reliability
Solution: Modern processes to empower the customer's organization

Virtual Battery

The HA DPP is configurable to participate in frequency regulation markets, serving as a virtual battery, similar to the capability provided by flywheels or batteries on the grid today.

Value Configurable to participate in ancillary market via frequency regulation
Customer Outcomes:
  • Additional Revenue
  • Reduce need for standalone energy storage
Solution: Smooth out grid instabilities with your same assets and capture additional revenue

Ancillary Response

The Ancillary Response application provides improved Primary Frequency Response or Reactive Power Response to meet grid demands in real time. 

Value A friendly integration into the grid
Customer Outcomes:
  • Avoid downtime with large changes in frequency
  • Maintain output when you need it most
Solution: Participate and provide dynamic response, strengthen grids with high imbalance

Smart Start

Smart Start enables real-time decision making on the value of faster starts versus parts lives and grid demands. 

Value Fast power on-line to capture max revenue OR lowest emissions with minimum part life consumption
Customer Outcomes:
  • Fast power on-line to capture max revenue OR lowest emissions with minimum part life consumption
  • Maximum revenue capture
Solution: Respond to urgent demand for power, capture maximum spark-spread value OR reduce costs (fuel and maintenance)
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Tools & Resources

Whether you want to optimize your plant or simply get in touch with us, GE offers a wide range of tools that can help.


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