GE’s H-Class Gas Turbine: the Heart of the World’s Largest, Most Efficient Power Plants

GE introduced the H-class combined-cycle power plant more than a decade ago, and was the first in the industry to reach more than 200,000 hours of H-class operation. The air-cooled HA gas turbines in GE’s current plant offerings simplify construction, operation, and maintenance. Our industry-leading efficiency and output result in the lowest cost conversion of fuel to power, delivering lower operating costs and reducing emissions.

Costs Less to Build


$12 million: The estimated cost reduction by providing pier foundations for steam turbines and generators, reducing concrete volume, formwork, and installation hours.


10,000 hours: Number of hours saved by installing modularized gas turbine compartments. 


$1 million: Savings resulting from a digital field bus, which creates rapid field checkout and lowers field run wiring. 


17 weeks: Number of weeks saved by implementing steam turbine constructability enhancements.


$1 million: Installation labor costs savings by installing an e-room electrical compartment. 


$3 million: The estimated labor and materials savings from a reduction of 6-7 meters in centerline height, requiring less concrete and a less expensive turbine building. 

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Costs Less to Operate

GE delivers the highest efficiency in the industry—greater than 61%—which reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions over the life of the plant. We know that every little bit counts—each 0.1 pt. of efficiency can represent more than $13M in reduced fuel costs over the life of a plant.

GE has the largest combined-cycle power plant block sizes in the industry (755 MW for 1x1 9HA.02 and 501 MW for 1x1 7HA.02), which can significantly reduce overall capital expenditures. Our experience gives us the expertise and equipment knowledge to optimize your CCPP systems for improved performance and reduced cost.

Additionally, our constructability features enable a 24-month single shaft schedule and a 30-month multi-shaft schedule, which can save up to $2.3 million per month in owner’s financing costs.


Enables Faster Revenue Generation

Our turnkey solutions eliminate customer-facing handoffs during construction and commissioning, and GE’s integrated power island design can result in both reduced cost and improved performance. Our scale and global supply chain give us the ability to offer complete project management capability, providing faster delivery of equipment and a faster build-out. Our strong relationships with EXIM, COFACE, and other export credit agencies mean we provide world-class financing solutions and assistance, partnering with you from start to finish.


Delivers More Revenue—in Any Dispatch Mode, Anywhere in the World

GE’s industry-leading flexibility, reliability, and availability ensure high dispatch and low downtime. Our HA combined-cycle power plants can start in under 30 minutes, enabling participation in non-spinning reserve markets, and reducing fuel burn and startup emissions. With a ramp rate of >50 MW/minute (for 1x1 plants) or >100 MW/minute (for 2x1 plants), our CCPP can provide quick-acting standby capacity for renewables-heavy electricity markets while still maintaining NOx and CO limits.

Our output reduction reaches as low as 33% of base load (1x1 plants) or 16% of base load (2x1 plants), and allows you to reduce fuel burn and emissions during periods of low demand or unfavorable spark spreads. If you need to reach full load again, our quick dispatch mode lets you do it in minutes.

In terms of fuel flexibility, our CCPPs can burn a wide range of gas compositions and distillate/crude oils, boasting a modified Wobbe Index capability of +/- 10%. GE also offers a full suite of steam turbine low pressure configurations for any plant cooling system. Axial, down, and side steam turbine exhausts are available, and one-flow, two-flow, and four-flow steam turbine low-pressure sections are also available.


Gets Better over time with new technology

GE equipment is designed to improve and incorporate uprates over the course of its life. Our strong pipeline of new technologies can assist in any retrofit, and we have the widest range of service offerings to meet any specific plant owner’s needs:

  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Long-term service agreements
  • Long-term parts pricing
  • Field installation services
  • Performance upgrades
  • Training
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