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GE is a world leader in the development and application of steam turbine technology, with more than 619 GW of steam turbine capacity from more than 10,600 installed units since 1901—the world’s largest fleet. At GE, we're a global engineering, manufacturing, sourcing, and service organization that is delivering world-class steam turbine products to ensure our customers are more profitable, successful, and satisfied than ever before.

A650 steam turbine

Solutions Tailored to You

The combined-cycle steam turbines in our portfolio are configured to deliver the best performance for your combined-cycle plant in today’s demanding energy environment. They accommodate a broad range of steam conditions and your operational needs.



A650 steam turbine

Features and Benefits

High-Efficiency Steam Paths
Advanced high-reaction and impulse steam path technology ensures high efficiency for any application. To maintain efficient blade and nozzle sealing, integral cover blades with continuous contacting surfaces are used throughout the turbine sections. This allows continuous circumferential sealing and multiple seal teeth at each stage. The integral covers on blades and nozzles provide superior mechanical damping and tip sealing control. 

Advanced Sealing Features
Maintaining radial clearances and seals are critical factors in achieving optimum performance. Our turbines employ a combination of labyrinth, brush, abradable, and active retractable sealing technologies to reduce leakage and control clearances within the steam path. 

Broad Family of Last-Stage Blades
The industry's largest family of last-stage blades enables superior custom configurations.

Lifecycle Product Management 
Reducing the cost of ownership by combining monitoring, diagnostics, and predictive maintenance to minimize outages and maximize run time.


A650 steam turbine

Built for the Long-Term

Modular Architecture Using Proven Components
Robust configurations that meet your unique project demands merged with combined-cycle system integration experience translates into advanced plant operability and combined-cycle performance.

Steam Turbines For High-Energy Steam Cycles
Our turbine configurations and materials support the latest generation of high-efficiency combined-cycle plant bottoming cycles with elevated steam temperatures and pressures up to 1111°F/600°C and 2400psi/165bar.

Enhancements to system design and addition of new installation features enable industry-leading construction and commissioning cycles.




A Customer-Centric View

Comprehensive Customer Service
Our broad services network provides on-site repairs, anywhere in the world, with the right equipment and more than 500 specialized engineers.

Experience, Strength, and Stability
Built upon more than a century of steam turbine experience, our machines are engineered with proven design practices and manufactured with high quality materials and craftsmanship. Modular product configurations deliver customization options with reliable, proven components. 

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GE empowers you with total lifecycle solutions tailored to your desired outcomes. Our advanced technology and service solutions deliver industry-leading value to your products.

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