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OpFlex* Advanced Controls Solutions

Fine-Tune Your Operation

What if you could immediately improve the value of your plant’s newly installed units, or boost the performance of your existing hardware without performing a major outage? The OpFlex* suite of advanced controls enhances performance, insight, and control of new or existing assets so you can respond quickly and confidently to new opportunities and changing demand.


Over 2 million
hours of successful operation

What Can OpFlex* Do for You?

  • Reduce fuel consumption to lower operating costs at part-load conditions.  
  • Extend turndown while maintaining emissions compliance to improve availability. 
  • Increase output to capture new revenue opportunities. 
  • Expand fuel flexibility and responsiveness to improve system reliability. 
  • Decrease start time and fuel costs to economically respond to cyclical power demands.  
  • Shorten outages and increase availability through an intelligent control system.

How We Get You There

  • Create a customized solution that works for your plant today and positions you for whatever comes next. 
  • Install quickly so you realize benefits immediately, with minimal hardware changes that mean no extended outage.
  • Provide detailed insights and more precise control over your assets, giving you the edge in challenging situations. 
  • Free up your team to focus on higher-value tasks and reduce operator error by automating processes. 
  • Install OpFlex* software in combination with hardware upgrades like Advanced Gas Path (AGP) technology or Flange-to-Flange replacement to maximize performance and return on investment.


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