Best-in-class repairs solutions are cost-effective, properly scoped to your operational needs and optimized to reduce your downtime. Our vision is to support the world’s best running fleet, and we do this by delivering new capabilities and programs, all of which are driven by a culture of accountability and a commitment to your organization’s desired outcomes.

Repair specialist worldwide


Outages completed every year


Jobs completed and 150,000 parts processed annually


Our Approach

Driven in large part by customer feedback, we have streamlined our repairs solutions to eliminate steps, costs, and above all, time.  Moreover, we can use new, advanced repair technologies to go beyond simply keeping you up and running—driving better performance from your assets.  Additional aspects of our repairs program include:

Global Footprint & Expertise

Our global footprint of repair shops is strategically located for agile responsiveness, tapping into regional compliance and regulatory expertise.

Annual shop hours






  • Quality and safety: We employ specialized technicians and engineers with years of industry experience, trained in a highly disciplined process called Six Sigma Quality, which increases their productivity, and your profitability.  
  • A culture of learning: GE repairs specialists are required to complete extensive on-the-job training and assimilated laboratory course work with mandatory audits, advancing from apprentice to lead technician in approximately six years.
  • Process innovation: GE’s Repair Technology Center of Excellence (RTCOE) harnesses data-driven insights, engineering analysis, and advanced machining processes to help our team provide you with world-class repairs excellence.

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