9FA enhanced compressor rotor

Extend Your Asset Life

Prolong the life of your assets and increase the efficiency of your plant by getting more value from your components. Every part has its repair cycle, which can be an opportunity to enhance performance, reduce downtime, and extend maintenance intervals. Our global network of service centers provides repair services for your most valuable assets.

Blending Technology with Local Expertise

  • Reduce your downtime with comprehensive repairs planning and execution by your local GE team. 
  • Improve efficiency and durability by relying on the latest repair technology. 
  • Enhance performance through today’s advanced tools and processes for your existing components. 
  • Gain more oversight over your schedule with our capacity for many onsite repairs.

Experience by the Numbers

  • 5 regional repair centers in the Asia, Europe, Middle East and the U.S. 
  • 1,600 repair specialists worldwide 
  • 6,000+ repair jobs completed and 150,000 parts processed annually

Repair Expertise Across the Board

  • Cleaning and stripping—New, more efficient techniques shorten cycle times and reduce environmental impact. Less-invasive processes lead to longer life and easier repairability.
  • Robotic and automated repair—Faster, more precise, and more consistent than manual repair, automated processes improve operator safety and parts quality. 
  • Advanced machining—Tighter tolerances and fewer variables increase component performance, quality, and longevity, reducing your operation and maintenance (O&M) costs. 
  • Joining and brazing—Our metallurgical expertise and skilled craftsmen extend the life of buckets and nozzles, helping you stretch your O&M budget. 
  • Outage optimization—GE’s team of experts can help you to potentially reduce outage time by days, reducing costs and downtime. 
  • Non-invasive inspection and measurement—A wide range of specialized inspection and evaluation techniques set you up for a shorter, more successful outage with fewer surprises. 
  • Advanced coating technologies—The protection of advanced coatings extends the life of turbine parts.

Repair Technology Center of Excellence

GE experts collaborate across business lines within advanced research and development facilities to deliver new repair solutions that reduce cost and improve competitive capabilities:

  • Component repair development and technical support—Working closely with you, we identify repair needs, develop detailed processes and help move your plan into the operational phase. 
  • Technology and best practices development—New technologies come to life as we look for effective ways to integrate repair services with inspection technologies, non-invasive inspection and measurement, and remote diagnostics. 
  • Component analysis and life extension—Sophisticated analysis of component aging and its effect on system performance allows us to recommend and develop condition-based maintenance programs that significantly extend component life and reduce operating costs.

Let Us Help You

Need a global network of repair services with a local face? Contact your local GE team for more information.

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