Steam Turbine Services

Optimize Your Steam Assets

Steam turbines that have been in operation for decades can require specialty repairs and replacement parts to meet the challenges of today’s shifting energy demands. We’re continuously seeking ways to increase output, reduce heat rate, improve reliability, and extend the life of your steam turbines.

Customize for Added Value

We work closely with you to nurture and maintain your steam turbine assets through their entire life cycle. Together, we create customized solutions that improve efficiency and reliability by blending modern hardware, advanced tooling, and analytics that add value to your plant operations.

How Can We Help?

  • Maintenance planning and installation?
  • Long-term operation and maintenance?
  • Asset upgrades and optimization?
We offer a broad range of solutions and can help you put together customized options that meet the needs of your plant.

Performance Upgrade

Whether you’re looking to improve performance or extend the life of your equipment, we have solutions for steam turbines employed in large fossil and nuclear applications as well as in combined-cycle plants.

Dense Pack Steam Path Redesign >>

Low Pressure Service Upgrades >>

Run Longer

Full inspection and innovative repair capabilities can be performed at regionally located repair shops and on-site for select work. Experienced engineers and craftsmen will help you extract more value from your steam turbine components.

Repairs >>

Reset the Clock

High-pressure, intermediate-pressure, and low-pressure turbine replacement components can be engineered for your specific unit and plant considerations.

Replacement Parts >>

Field Services

Benefit from support before, during, and after your planned outage, and get rapid response to unplanned events from local teams with global knowledge and sophisticated testing and evaluation tools.

Thermal Performance Testing >>

In-Service Inspection >>

Put Data to Work

Advanced monitoring, software, and data analytics can deliver in-depth insights into the health and performance of your steam turbine and provide the knowledge you need to improve its capabilities to help meet today’s energy demands.

Software and Analytics >>

Let Us Help You

Want to make the most out of your mature steam turbine assets? Reach out to your GE service team to start the conversation.

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