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My Dashboard

With a single login and simple, intuitive tools, My Dashboard gives you seamless access to all the information you need for your heavy-duty gas turbines, steam turbines, and generators.

Customize your GE experience. Get access to

  • Your sites and equipment: heavy-duty gas turbines, steam turbines, and generators
  • Your GE team and key contacts
  • TILs and other technical documents—you can view your TILs, search for a specific GE TIL by unit serial number, or even sign up to receive the latest TILs.

Additionally, My Dashboard offers access to a wide range of applications, including:
Performance Estimator—Provides HDGT simple cycle performance numbers, given different site and ambient conditions.

Power Gen Insights—Access product information for GE’s 7F.05 and 7HA gas turbines (with more gas turbines to come).

DP Web Portal—Provides information for Distributed Power's reciprocating engines (Jenbacher & Waukesha) and aeroderivative gas turbines.

Renewable Energy Connect (REConnect)—A portal for renewables customers to see information on their assets, get upgrades and special services, and find technical documents

Technical Manuals

Get easy and secure access to specialized operation, maintenance, and reference information for:

-Gas and steam turbine-generator units shipped after June 2001, and

-Aeroderivative turbine-generator units shipped after June 2005

Download hardware & software requirements for accessing technical manuals  

Aeroderivative Gas Turbines/Measurement & Control Customers