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Aeroderivative Solutions

Born from aviation technology, our aeroderivative gas turbines may not fly, but they can certainly travel.  Customers in more than 60 countries use our aeroderivative engines in a wide variety of applications including utility generation, marine propulsion, district heating, grid stability, and mobile power.  

Surpassing 100 million operating hours, our fast powered, flexible, and mobile aeroderivative gas turbines make it easy for you to get the power you need, where you need it. Our comprehensive Fleet360* services portfolio is just as flexible. 

From outages as short as 2 days - with module and engine exchanges, to customized multi-year agreements – including leasing, upgrades, and digital solutions, our network of global service centers and field service teams combine the highest quality of expertise and technical support with timely, flexible solutions. 


We understand the importance of speed and flexibility when it comes to responding to power demands.  Our conversions, modification, and upgrades will allow you to improve efficiency, increase output, and reduce overall maintenance and lifecycle costs. 

Our on-site solutions can boost performance and reliability.  

Southern California Edison

SCE installs world's first battery storage & gas turbine hybrid.

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Powering a paper mill with aeroderivative technology.

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