Reciprocating Engines reUp Remanufactured Parts Program

An engine is only as good as the parts inside it, and from our experience major engine failures are often the result of issues related to system interactions. To increase performance, GE's reUp remanufactured parts program for gas engines, engineers and delivers only genuine parts that meet GE’s own exacting standards and specifications.

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What Can the Reciprocating Engines ReUp Program Do for You?

  • Uptime.
    More uptime can mean better productivity. And better productivity can mean more profitability. That’s why OEM remanufactured parts are not just rebuilt. They’re reengineered to work effectively with other genuine engine parts to increase performance, decrease wear and reduce failure risk for your Waukesha gas engine.
  • Cost Savings.
    Remanufactured OEM parts can optimize your return on investment by helping ensure your engines are working longer and better. This holistic approach to engine operation means greater overall performance and lower costs in the long run.
  • Improved Sustainability.
    GE's remanufactured parts can deliver ever-increasing efficiencies and energy savings for exceptional performance while reducing environmental impact. Add to that a reduction in your operation’s environmental impact with returnable (and reusable) crates.
  • Reliability.
    Unlike alternative parts, all OEM remanufactured parts are tested to original-or-better-than specifications and are designed to withstand severe conditions.
  • Distribution.
    With part exchange offered by GE's authorized sales and service providers, you’ll have access to the assets you need – when you need them.
  • Complete Coverage.
    Genuine OEM remanufactured parts help you protect your operational investment with a warranty that covers consequential damages.

How We Get You There

To increase the performance of your gas engine, the reUp remanufactured parts program designs, engineers and delivers only genuine parts that meet GE’s own exacting standards and specifications.

• Disassembly and Cleaning
Components are disassembled and cleaned by skilled personnel to eliminate and remove elements that can hide flaws.

• Inspection
All parts are carefully inspected and thoroughly tested. We use OEM dimensions and tolerances to ensure specs are met.

• Assembly
Skilled assemblers follow exacting standards and specifications from the most current engineering schematics when remanufacturing parts.

• Testing
Every part that leaves the factory has been comprehensively checked. Each test is recorded and stored electronically to maintain quality controls

• Painting, Packing and Shipping
Parts are painted or preserved and carefully packaged to ensure they are protected from the elements and can be installed right out of the box.

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