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Fleet360* Gas Plant Service Solutions

Plant-as-a-System Expertise

Whether you have a simple cycle or a combined cycle gas plant, you are facing a rapidly changing industry. The Fleet360 portfolio offers tailored solutions – including cross-fleet capabilities to support more than 90 OEM brands - to help you unleash better performance, lower risk, and realize greater value from your gas plant and fleet assets.

And through the insights harnessed from deep-dive data analytics, our team collaborates with customers to help them see around corners to achieve productive outcomes


Explore our Fleet360 solutions to unlock your plant's potential

Cross-Fleet Solutions - Gas Plants

Driven by 230 years of combined experience of GE and Alstom, our Fleet360* cross-fleet solutions support more than 90 OEM brands of gas and steam turbines, generators, boilers, and other balance-of-plant equipment.   

Our differentiated solutions for Siemens and Mitsubishi turbines include combustion expertise and dedicated engineering and field support teams to help customers manage operation and maintenance costs throughout the life of their assets.

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Related Services

Multi-Year Agreements

GE offers multi-year agreements that are tailor-made to address your total power plant needs for parts and services on GE and cross-fleet power generation equipment.

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The visibility provided by our digital solutions, blended with 230 years of total engineering expertise, positions our team to uniquely understand the complexities of your total plant operations. Customer benefits include:


When a customer approached GE for an upgrade to expand capacity, a solution integrating HRSG, steam turbine valve, and balance of plant technologies delivered a 10+% increase in plant output.


In Mexico, a GE gas plant upgrade including the gas turbine, steam turbine bypass system, and HRSG slashed start up time by up to one hour. 


By packaging multi-faceted upgrades, GE can help customers expand gas plant efficiency by 3+% at base load. 


Advanced GE gas turbine technologies enable turndown to 40% load.

Emissions Reduction

GE can help slash gas emissions, including CO and NOx, up to 40% with system-level technology upgrades. 


Asset performance management digital solutions can help our customers save up to $1 billion over the next decade. 

AES Gener

Multi-year deal utilizes cross-fleet expertise to meet energy demand in Chile.

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A2A Chivasso

A2A and GE work together to transform the Chivasso power plant.

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Power Plant Equipment Upgrades

We can help you choose and customize upgrades based on your individual needs, so you can focus on opportunities to meet tomorrow’s energy demands.

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Power Plant Parts and Services

Power plant parts and services keep your plant turbines, generators, and engines up and running for as long as it takes. Learn more from GE Power here.

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Power Plant Maintenance and Repair

GE uses advanced engineering techniques and high-quality materials to manufacture spare parts that get more out of your assets.

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Power Plant Service Agreements

Learn how GE Service Agreements can help to extend the life of your heavy-duty gas turbine, steam turbine, generator, or Waukesha or Jenbacher gas engine.

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Digital Solutions

Customers can harness the real-time actionable insights driven by analysis of 120+ million hours of operating data.

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Installation & Commissioning

Whether you have new turbine or engine assets, we can fulfill your project requirements with multiple technologies combined into a single turnkey installation.

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