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Fleet360*: Total Plant Solutions

GE offers total power plant capabilities to service both GE and cross-fleet power generation equipment for utility and industrial plant operators worldwide.

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Multi-Year Agreements

GE is transforming the world of service agreements by focusing on Plant Performance & Outcome-based Solutions.

With GE, service agreements are no longer just parts, service, operations or maintenance.  We connect your plant’s physical assets with digital technology to enhance guaranteed outputs and give greater flexibility for your plant’s specific long-term goals.

By offering substantial guarantees and increased flexibility around risk sharing, including billing structures and contract length, GE customizes each agreement to your plant needs and business outcomes. It can be tailored for parts replacements up to full Operations & Maintenance for GE and non-GE assets.

With our extensive OEM experience and our global fleet insights, we are in a unique position to help customers make choices that will stand the test of time.

Want more info on what a multi-year agreement can do for you? 

A New Approach to Rotor Management

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