Deliver significantly more power and slash operating costs with a new 9E four-stage turbine module—without sacrificing reliability. 9EMax can help you cut annual fuel costs by as much as $5 million, while creating the potential for up to $6 million in additional revenue. All within the same footprint as your existing 9E gas turbine. 

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What Can Upgrading Do for You?

  • Significantly increase output, up to 143 MW (single cycle) and 210 MW (combined cycle)—a 4.8 percent increase for simple-cycle.
  • Reduce fuel costs through delivering up to 37 percent efficiency (simple cycle) and 53.5 percent (combined cycle).
  • Offset as much as 2-3 percent of normal performance degradation between maintenance intervals in extreme ambient operating conditions.
  • Extend availability with longer hours-based maintenance intervals.   

How it works

  • A re-engineered  turbine module with new casings, rotor, advanced exhaust diffuser and four-stage hot gas path, delivered as a fully-assembled, modular solution.
  • More accessible components, including a reconfigured diffuser, for efficient maintainability.

Applicable Turbine Models

  • 9E
9EMax infographic


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