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Upgrade consists of replacing both the chassis and software of Fuel Controller and Sequencer new hardware and software for the MicroNet™ Plus. The system interfaces with the existing field devices and on-engine hardware that provide core fuel control, package sequencing, and protection. 

Applicable Turbine Models

LM2500, LM6000

Upgrade Benefits

  • Includes the latest fuel control software with associated improvements
  • Powerful CPU for demanding applications
  • Flexibility to use different configurations, depending on customer’s needs, and current configuration
  • Real-time multi-tasking VxWorks operating system
  • Improved control system hardware availability and reliability
  • Exceptional accuracy, fast update rates, and high channel-to-channel isolation
  • SNTP compliant for time synchronization
  • Eliminates transceiver module
  • Increases communications capabilities (Ethernet, and CANBUS ports)
  • Time stamping sequence of events can be accomplished from 1 - 5ms
  • Increases expansion chassis options (8 or 14 slots)
  • Offers a complete suite of software products for service interface
  • Increase Uptime
  • Enhance Operational Flexibility
  • Improve Maintainability

How it works

The latest evolution of the MicroNet™ control system that has been developed for Aero LM product lines.

It meets the current GE production standard for the LM2500 and the LM6000 product lines.

System interfaces with existing field devices and on-engine hardware providing core fuel control, package sequencing and protection. 

Combines both the Mark VI and the Fanuc90-70 PLC into a single controller and chassis. 

The MicroNet™ Plus Control System provides high-speed closed loop control, system sequencing, auxiliary system control, surge control, monitoring/alarming and station control.

The “Plus” features a series of product enhancements/upgrades:

  • Single or Redundant System Configuration (Dual power supplies, dual CPU’s) to provide high availability
  • Synchronized Memory – ensures that both CPUs use the same operating information in every rate group
  • 1 ms Transfer
  • On-line Reparability
  • New Motorola 5200 Processor
  • Real Time Network

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