Direct Drive Ventilation Fan Upgrade


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Regular maintenance of turbine and generator enclosure fans could cause over-tensioning, over-loading of bearings, and fan failure. The direct-drive fan is a drop-in replacement upgrade for belt-driven fans for GE packages

Applicable Turbine Models

LM2500, LM6000

Upgrade Benefits

  • Maintenance and replacement of fan belts are eliminated, simplifying maintenance schedule
  • Startup noise from belts is eliminated
  • Direct drive fans have external grease ports for quick and easy access (auto-lube kit optional)
  • Improvement in generator enclosure pressure, lessening generator oil leak potential & differential pressure alarm activation


  • Increase Uptime

How it works

  • The existing belt-driven fans were redesigned to eliminate the drive belts. This was done by moving the fan motor inside of the fan assembly and directly connected to the fan blade shaft.
  • Grease fittings are located outside of the fan assembly for easy access when lubricating the fan shaft bearings and the motor bearings. 
  • Air vents were added to the fan casing to utilize ambient air to maintain adequate motor cooling. 

Reused Equipment

  • Existing damper and duct flex
  • Existing electrical cables at the new motor junction box
  • Existing silencer and hoods

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