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The Fast Start upgrade includes software and hardware modifications to enable the LM6000 to reach full load in 5, 8, or 10 minutes – at the user’s option. NOx water injection is enabled at synchronous idle speed and full SPRINT power requires an additional 30 to 45 seconds. 

Applicable Turbine Models


Upgrade Benefits

  • Reduced start up times help meet peak turbine demands.
  • Fast start schedules are offered for three configurations: 
    • 8 and 10 minutes start - no life impact
    • 5 minutes start - possible life impact depending on a turbine assessment of installed parts
  • Enhance Operational Flexibility

How it Works

  • LM6000 PC, PD, PF, PG, and PH units have the unique ability to reach full power (simple cycle) from a cold start within 10 minutes. 
  • The current start sequence is modified to reduce overall start-up time, depending on the turbine type. 
  • Changes to the sequencing software, along with possible HMI and core software changes.
  • Modification of the fuel system to comply with current NFPA codes and GE Position Paper PP07.
  • Purge time may change based on exhaust configuration (HRSG SCR, COR, etc.).