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An outdated fire panel can be replaced with an updated, NFPA-compliant fire protection panel. The new system is mounted in the turbine control panel and monitors gas and flame sensors located in the turbine and generator to detect hydrocarbon-based fires, accumulation of combustible gases, and other potentially explosive conditions.

Applicable Turbine Models

LM1600, LM2500, LM5000, LM6000, LMS100 

Upgrade Benefits

  • The Allestec 800 fire protection control panel:
    • Improves fire response notification methods.
    • Enables fire alarm and gas detection systems to utilize one control system.
    • Comes equipped with multi-alarm notification capability, enabling facility wide and state/local fire department notification.
  • Unified single system control panel allows simpler maintenance and calibration.
  • The new system is designed to minimize the end user learning curve by simplifying both its installation and operation.
  • GE can provide an optional gas calibration kit for sensor calibration, recommended for new combustible gas detectors.
  • Increase Uptime
  • Safety
  • Meet Regulatory Requirements

How it works

  • The existing fire panel is replaced with an Allestec 800 fire protection panel.
  • Mounted in the Turbine Control Panel (TCP).
  • NFPA-compliant.
  • Allestec 800 system monitors gas and flame sensors located in the turbine and generator to detect:
    • Hydrocarbon-based fires.
    • Accumulation of combustible gases.
    • Other potentially explosive conditions.
  • Upon detection of a hazardous condition, the system will perform the following:
    • Shut down the gas turbine generator.
    • Close fire dampers.
    • Release fire suppression material.
    • Sound local notification devices.
    • Signal outside assistance if enabled.
    • Also accept operator-initiated commands.