Gas to Dual Fuel - LM6000


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This upgrade provides the capability to run either on gas or liquid fuel, with or without water injection for NOx control.  The modification includes the addition of dual-fuel manifolds with water injection capability, dual fuel nozzles, metering valves, shut off valves, liquid fuel boost skid and control system updates as-needed. 

Applicable Turbine Models


Upgrade Benefits

  • Improved versatility of the package by allowing the LM6000 turbine to operate on either liquid fuel or natural gas 
  • Availability of the package can be maintained in the event of a disruption to natural gas fuel supply
  • Increased operational flexibility is introduced with the capability to switch from one fuel to another, even at full load. CDP air-cooling system is required for full load transfers.
  • Increase Uptime
  • Enhance Operational Flexibility

How it works

  • The upgrade includes on-engine, off-engine, and the off-package liquid fuel delivery and filtration skids, along with updated controls software and hardware, to yield a unit capable of operating on either natural gas or liquid fuel
  • Main mechanical changes consist of installing all major components and piping to supply liquid fuel from the customer connection (flanged outside of main base) to the on-engine liquid fuel manifold
  • Standard package components consist of a fuel-metering valve, shutoff valves, check valves, and fuel return lines
  • New liquid fuel manifolds and fuel nozzle tubes are installed on the turbine and the gas fuel nozzles are replaced with dual fuel nozzles
  • A gas purge system and a Compressor Discharge Pressure (CDP) purge system is also installed
  • Gas fuel is used to purge the liquid fuel system while operating on gas fuel to prevent backflow from the combustor
  • CDP air is used to purge the gas fuel system during liquid fuel operation to prevent coking of the gas fuel circuit and prevent backflow from the combustor
  • Customers already configured for water injection must replace the water injection pumps with high pressure pumps to properly operate on liquid fuel and meet 42 ppm NOx
  • An optional CDP cooler can be added to allow fuel transfers at full load.
  • Optional liquid fuel forwarding and boost pump skids are available separately.

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