LM2500 Base to Plus/Plus G4



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LM2500 models can be updated to the current LM2500+ or LM2500+G4 configuration for enhanced output and improved thermal efficiency. The upgrade can be performed through the following options:

  • Convert existing engine with a modification kit so that it exhibits the same performance as the production +/+G4 model
  • Replace the existing engine with a production LM2500 +/+G4

Applicable Turbine Models


Upgrade Benefits

  • Up to 33.4MW gas turbine output at ISO conditions
  • Up to 12% simple cycle heatrate improvement, or +2.1 points of efficiency improvement with the LM2500+G4 engine
  • New single crystal hot-section materials and cooling technology to maximize life at the new higher firing temperatures
  • Ability to have either SAC or DLE combustion systems
  • Increase Power Output

How It Works

  • Replace the existing engine with a production LM2500 +/+G4
  • Modify the existing package with a kit that allows for the slightly longer LM2500+/+G4 engine, higher airflow, and higher fuel flow requirements of the replacement engine.
  • New control system installed into existing cabnetry with a new HMI computer to maximize re-use of existing material and reduce downtime.

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