LM6000PC Uprate


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Advanced materials and higher firing temperatures of the LM6000PG are introduced to the  LM6000PC package, enabling greater operational flexibility to LM6000 operators.

Applicable Turbine Models


Upgrade Benefits

  • More power: Operate LM6000PC Uprate with SPRINT and increase output nominally 6% more than current LM6000PC SPRINT levels
  • Water savings: Eliminate SPRINT water and continue to exceed existing PC SPRINT output
  • Extended life: Expected increase in the maintenance intervals of the combustor, hot section, and major overhaul compared to current LM6000PC
  • Increase Uptime
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Increase Power Output
  • Lower Environmental Footprint

How it works

  • Convert an LM6000PC engine to an LM6000PG engine, either by exchanging the existing engine or modifying selected components
  • No reduction gearbox needed in 60 Hz markets: LP speed = 3600 rpm instead of the 3930 rpm on standard LM6000PG packages
  • Conversion kit designed to maintain same engine & package footprint