TDI Clutch Upgrade - LM2500



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This upgrade to the hydraulic starter clutch allows the existing starting system to operate with improved reliability and availability.  It replaces the Hilliard® clutch with a new, TDI® sprag clutch.

Applicable Turbine Models


Upgrade Benefits

This retrofit upgrade kit will allow the existing start system to operate with an improved reliability and availability

  • Reduce wear by over 400% through increased number of contact points (22 vs 3)

  • Increase starting reliability - multiple contact points reduce the requirement for precise ramping speeds for successful clutch engagement

  • Improved safety with a more robust design

  • Increase availability by extending maintenance intervals from 10,000 hours to 25,000 hours

  • 60% weight reduction over Hilliard clutch

  • Improve Maintainability
  • Increase Uptime

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