Water Injection for NOx Reduction



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For non-Dry Low Emissions (DLE) turbines without a NOx abatement system, a water injection system can be added that lowers NOx emissions to 25 ppm (gas fuel) or 42 ppm (liquid fuel).  This system injects demineralized water into the combustor through the fuel nozzles to regulate the combustor flame temperature and lower NOx emissions.

Applicable Turbine Models

LM2500, LM6000, LMS100

Upgrade Benefits

  • Significantly reduced NOx emission down to 25 ppm (gas fuel) or 42 ppm (liquid)
  • Higher power output while maintaining lower NOx emissions
  • Reduced flame temperature.
  • Increase Power Output
  • Lower Environmental Footprint

How it Works

  • The water injection system significantly lowers NOx emissions to 25 ppm (gas fuel) or 42 ppm (liquid fuel)
  • Demineralized water is injected into the combustion chamber to regulate the flame temperature
  • Includes the following hardware:
    • Water injection package piping and components.
    • Revised controls software.
    • A simplex high pressure pump skid used for liquid fuels or a simplex low pressure pump skid is used for gas fuels. 
  • A duplex dual option fuel skid is also available.
  • Required water supply is 31 to 70 GPM (depending on engine and fuel type) of demineralized water (filtered to 20 microns). 

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