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The XtendTM Hot Section for LM2500 Base SAC engines increase the hot section life to 50,000 hours, reduces lifecycle costs, and increases site availability. By utilizing advanced hot section technology from the LM2500+G4, the XtendTM SAC has improved materials, coatings, and enhanced secondary cooling. Additionally, the XtendTM SAC combustor and fuel nozzle kit is available as an option for gas/dry applications. 

Applicable Turbine Models

LM2500 Base SAC

Upgrade Benefits

  • Doubles anticipated LM2500 Base SAC hot section life
    • Reduces lifecycle cost 15% by eliminating on hot section repair/exchange in each MOH cycle
    • Greater availability from avoided hot section replacement downtime
    • OEM-approved life extension


  • Increase Uptime
  • Improve Maintainability

How it works

  • The LM2500 XtendTM High Pressure Turbine has over 2 million operating hours during more than 10 years of use
  • Advanced hot section technology from the LM2500+G4 provides: 
    • Improved materials
    • Coatings
    • Enhanced secondary cooling
  • Introduction of a new deswirler
  • XtendTM SAC combustor and fuel nozzle kit available as an option for gas only applications
  • XtendTM now available for LM2500 DLE 1.0 Applications

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