SCR-Catalyst Retrofit Package for low NOx emissions requirements

The SCR-Catalyst package is designed for integration to existing natural gas plants to be in compliance with low NOx emissions requirements e.g. new BEMS decree Netherlands NOx <88 mg/Nm3 at 5 percent 02 - dry emission requirement for plants with more than 2 MW thermal input.

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What Can an Integrated SCR Catalyst Do For You?

Complete OEM solution.
Optimized SCR-system solution carefully aligned with the engine to minimize trade-offs between low emissions and maximum engine performance.

High temperature resistant catalyst formulation.
In most cases there is no need for installation and integration of an additional exhaust pre-cooler before SCR-system.

Back-pressure optimized design. 
Low pressure drop design to avoid/reduce power deratings at hot ambient conditions.

Compact system dimensions and use of existing components.
Reduce plant re-building efforts and thereby minimize installation cost of the overall solution.

Controls integrated in Jenbacher DlA.NE unit control system. 
Joined control system to optimize interaction between engine and SCR-system. Simple control by utilizing well-known unit user interface.

Remote monitoring and diagnostics.

Service agreement option.
New and existing maintenance agreements can be extended to include the SCR-system.


How We Get You There

Choose between a standardized solution for self-integration to the current plant design (Light Package) or a complete customized plant integration from the OEM (Full Package).

Light Package

  • SCR housing filled with catalyst material
  • Dosing system includes urea pump panel, air supply and metering panel, dosing valve panel, and injector
  • Measurement devices (delta-p, T in/out, NOx)
  • Electrical hardware changes inside control cabinet
  • Software changes to DI.ANE unit controls system
  • Commissioning 
  • OEM documentation update

Full Package

  • Light package scope
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Integration of the system components to the existing plant
    -Mechanical: panels, support structure, piping changes, and compensators
    -Electrical: hardware mounting, wiring, and testing
    -Urea system: transfer lines and interconnections 
  • System checks and test runs
  • Turbocharger optimization to reduce operational impact of back-pressure increase
  • Commissioning
  • OEM documentation update
  • Options

  • SCR housing filled with catalyst material
  • Urea tank
  • Trace heating for urea transfer line
  • Scaffolding
  • 3rd party measurement

Out of Scope

  • Any permit changes
  • Civil works beyond optional support structure for SCR housing