Jenbacher Type 3 D-Version Upgrade

Upgrading your Jenbacher Type 3C gas engine to the latest D-version technology increases electrical efficiency, reducing the engine’s fuel gas consumption. Additionally, the upgrade offers the possibility of applying a new maintenance schedule, extending engine life and reducing lifecycle costs.

Want to Learn More? 

What Can a Type 3 D-Version Upgrade Do for You?

  • Improve profitability. The upgrade can handle challenges such as increasing gas prices and declining electricity feed-in tariffs, and can enhance overall economic viability of your unit.
  • Reduce fuel gas consumption and increase engine efficiency—lowering fuel gas cost by up to 2.5 percent.
  • Lower lifecycle costs. Extended service intervals result in a reduction in maintenance cost and maintenance downtime.
  • Prolong your engine lifetime. The new maintenance schedule allows you to shift the engine’s major overhaul to 80,000 oph and delay the overhaul investment.

How We Get You There

The upgrade for greater efficiency can be applied anytime—Ideally during a minor or major overhaul—and includes an engine upgrade, control software, and settings update.

Typical engine upgrade scope:

  • Camshaft and cylinder head exchange
  • Turbocharger and gas inlet (TecJet) modification
  • Crankcase ventilation system upgrade (if applicable)
  • Upgrade to electrical water pump (J312 only)
  • OEM documentation update

If you opt to have this upgrade completed during a special, expanded scope overhaul at one of GE’s repair shops, you can also take advantage of an extended D-version maintenance schedule. This option is only available for released 50 Hz D-version engines running on natural gas or treated biogas.