Jenbacher Type 6 Additional Oil Tanks

Additional oil tanks for Jenbacher Type 6 gas engines to extend oil drain intervals and lower specific lube oil cost. 

Want to Learn More? 

What Can Additional Type 6 Oil Tanks Do for You?

  • Up to three times longer oil drain intervals.
  • Doubling the oil capacity leads to longer oil drain intervals and therefore to lower specific lube oil costs and higher engine availability.
  • Improve maintenance cost, technician utilization, and unit uptime through longer drain intervals.

How We Get You There

  • For models 612 and 616: adding 2 x 300L lube oil tanks for 600L additional oil capacity
  • For models 620 and 624: adding 3 x 300L lube oil tanks for 900L additional oil capacity

Necessary components for oil tank installation:

  • Additional oil tanks next to the engine
  • Oil pan below oil tanks
  • Platform to be able to stand on oil tanks for engine maintenance