Jenbacher Type 6 Blow-By System Upgrade

Upgrading the blow-by system of your Jenbacher Type 6 gas engines to the latest version with exchangeable filter cartridge can offer extended maintenance intervals at a lower service cost.

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What Can a Type 6 Blow-By System Upgrade Do for You?

  • Extend service intervals.
    Experience intervals between scheduled services that are up to four times longer due to an increased filter surface and use of the pre-separation system.
  • Lower service costs.
    Enabled through the new exchangeable cartridge and extended service intervals.
  • Increase uptime.
    Due to a simpler, faster maintenance procedure and extended service intervals.
  • Lower inventory, logistic, and disposal cost.
    Since only the filter insert (not the complete filter vessel) needs to be exchanged, weight and required storage space for spare parts are significantly reduced.

How We Get You There

The upgrade package includes the following new features:

  • Exchangeable blow-by filter cartridge introduced for more cost-efficient service and simpler maintenance work, allows a replacement of the cartridge only, so the casing of the filter remains in place.
  • Main components:
    - Filter vessel with removable vessel lid and V-band connection (2 x for J612/616/620 and 4 x for J624)
    - Exchangeable filter element
    - New hoses and clamps
    - New filter holder
    - Adapted filter insulation
    - New oil drain system
  • Pre-separator system with a wire mesh separation element removes coarse oil droplets from the blow-by flow and thus reduces the oil mass transportation to the blow-by filters. This results in an extension of the blow-by filter lifetime.
  • Adaption of the gas mixer rings to maintain the crankcase ventilation system pressure at the desired level.
  • Optional advanced air filter system offering extended service intervals and lowest pressure drop, if the engine is not already equipped with the system the upgrade also needs to include the modification to the latest air filter technology.