Jenbacher Type 6 E-Version Lifetime Extension

A customized GE parts and services package can extend the lifetime of Jenbacher Type 6 E-version gas engines running on natural gas by up to 25 percent or 75,000 operating hours (oph).

Want to Learn More? 

What Can a Type 6 E-Version Lifetime Extension Do for You?

  • Enhance flexibility. 
    Allows you to react flexibly in response to changing gas prices, feed-in tariffs, and emission regulations.
  • Prolong engine lifetime
    With more than 35,000 reciprocating engines deployed in more than 170 countries, GE has well-proven global technology experience that makes it possible to prolong the life of Jenbacher Type 6 E-version engines by up to 25 percent.
  • Option for service agreements. 
    GE offers a special maintenance agreement covering the Lifetime Extension period.
  • Provide insurability due to OEM support.
    Based on the program’s OEM support, most insurance companies will consider prolonging existing contracts. 

How We Get You There

The Lifetime Extension package applied at 60,000 oph and executed onsite includes:

  • Mandatory upfront inspection, including basic analytics performed by an authorized technical expert.
  • Lifetime Extension core overhaul package of predefined core parts (e.g., pistons, connecting rod bearings, vibration damper) and onsite services.
  • Optional parts and services package(s), if recommended after upfront inspection and analytics.
  • Optional follow-up inspections and continuous analytics to monitor the engine’s condition.
  • OEM maintenance documentation update.

Program Conditions:

  • Gas engine operated on natural gas in accordance with GE’s fuel specification TI 1000-0300.
  • Upfront inspection confirms engine suitability for an onsite repair.
  • Standard warranty on replaced parts and services.
  • Package cannot be combined with output and efficiency upgrade programs.
  • Does not include inspection or overhaul of auxiliaries or other equipment beyond genset scope.
  • Expected downtime for the Lifetime Extension overhaul is 7 to 10 working days.