Jenbacher Type 6 Faster Ramp-Up

GE’s new Faster Ramp-Up software enables Jenbacher Type 6 gas engines to ramp up to full output in most cases in less than five minutes—that’s nearly 50 percent faster than before. The upgrade allows you to be ready for fast and flexible on-demand operation to meet upcoming industry trends.

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What Can a Type 6 Faster Ramp-Up Do for You?

  • Faster startup. 
    Startup is nearly 50 percent faster than before the upgrade, with full output reached in less than five minutes.
  • Increased flexibility. 
    Enables operators to participate in new grid-regulating models and enhance their current operating modes through shorter start-up cycle times
  • Increased uptime. 
    Faster engine ramp-up in times of high electricity demand translates into increased power feed-in, the potential to enhance uptime during peak demand and, where available, take advantage of feed-in tariffs for highly flexible power generation solutions.

How We Get You There

  • Engine management software modification. Includes pre-lubrication, exhaust scavenging, and synchronization procedure advancements not requiring any mechanical system modification.
  • Control cabinet modification. Includes minor upgrades of control components and wiring.
  • Onsite installation and functional check performed by a field engineer specifically trained for Jenbacher gas engines.
  • OEM documentation update.