P603: Longer Life Spark Plugs for Jenbacher Type 6 Engines

Featuring the latest thermodynamic design, the new OEM-recommended P603 spark plug lasts up to 3.3 times longer than the previous model for Jenbacher Type 6 engines. Developed for engines with scavenged pre-combustion chambers, the new spark plug has up to 15 percent lower specific cost per operating hour, is changed just once a year in most cases, and usually needs re-gapping only once during its lifetime, at approximately 2,500 oph.

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What Can a Type 6 Longer Life Spark Plug (P603) Do For You?

  • Greater value
    An up-to-3.3-times longer product life.
  • Cost reduction
    Up to 15 percent lower spare parts cost over the engine lifespan.
  • Improve re-gapping quality and efficiency
    The new re-gapping tool is simpler to handle and offers higher accuracy.
  • More uptime
    Through longer life and re-gapping interval.
  • Improved thermodynamic design

What You Need to Consider

  • Applicable to all Jenbacher Type 6E, F, G, and H versions running on natural gas with a NOx limit of 500 mg/Nm3.
  • The engine must have a TecJet gas quantity controller installed. This is the case for most engines delivered 2007 and later.
  • Simultaneous usage of various types of spark plugs is not possible.
  • Engine adjustment is necessary prior to first use of new spark plug.