D11 HEAT HP/IP Section Replacement

Enhance your steam turbine’s performance, both initial and sustained, with HEAT section replacement.


  • Efficiency
  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Output
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What Can a D11 HEAT HP/IP Section Replacement Do for You?

This complete HP/IP section delivers up to a two percent increase in steam turbine output (in the same bottoming cycle) through recovery of aging losses and improved technology. This “drop in” turbine can be installed on the existing standards, requiring no modifications to the turbine foundation, and is available for D11 steam turbines operating at 60 Hz.

  • Offers rugged double shell construction with separate outer and inner shells. 
  • Provides heat reaction steam path.
  • Delivers advanced sealing technology.
  • Accomodates uprate of the combined-cycle plant with new section design.
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