D11 HP/IP Steam Path Upgrade

Address open Technical Information Letter (TIL) needs while improving performance, both initial and sustained, with a Steam Path upgrade from GE.


  • Efficiency
  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Output
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What Can a D11 HP/IP Steam Path Upgrade Do for You?

A cost-effective alternative to full section replacement in cases where HP/IP shell condition is not a concern, this upgrade delivers up to a 1.5 percent increase in steam turbine output (in the same bottoming cycle) through the recovery of aging losses and improved technology.

Major components include a new bucketed rotor, improved diaphragms, and modern N2 packing head. These components fit in the existing HP/IP shell, and the upgrade can be installed within the normal cycle of a major maintenance outage. This solution is available for D11 steam turbines operating at 60 Hz.

  • Offers advanced singlet high efficiency diaphragms
  • Includes integral covered buckets
  • Enhances sealing features, including abradable coatings and brush seals
  • Accommodates uprate of the combined-cycle plant with certain designs
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