Dense Pack Steam Path and Section Replacements

Improve the efficiency of your mature steam turbines, enhance plant profitability and competitiveness, and extend the life of your assets with Dense Pack steam path redesign technology. This upgrade solution can help decrease aerodynamic losses and leakages within the steam path to help drive better efficiency across your entire power plant cycle. These upgrades are available for HP or HP/IP sections of fossil units—typically 300 MW or larger—that are scheduled for an outage within the next three or more years, or that have extensive maintenance needs.


  • Output
  • Efficiency
  • Availability
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
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Dense Pack Steam Path and Section Replacement Benefits

  • Provides advanced aerodynamic buckets and nozzles
  • Offers advanced sealing technologies (e.g., brush seals, elliptical packing, optimized clearances)
  • Provides modern mechanical designs such as rugged control stage buckets and Gen2 integral covered buckets