Fossil LP Rotor Replacement/Upgrade

Extend your parts and component reliability, even as your steam turbine experiences different load levels, with GE’s fossil low pressure (LP) rotor replacement and upgrade.


  • Output
  • Efficiency
  • Availability
  • Reliability
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customer benefits

Delivering up to a 2.5 percent improvement in turbine output—due to recovered aging losses,increased annulus area, and better steam pathflow—this upgrade can reduce outage duration by 21 days when compared to rotor FineLine* Weld Repairs during unplanned outages. This upgrade is available for large fossil steam turbines with a double flow LP and a 43-inch LSB stage bucket that would benefit from an increased annulus area.

  • Offers advanced steam path design
  • Provides longer latter stage buckets and diaphragms
  • Includes advanced brush seals
  • Provides integral cover buckets (ICBs)
  • Improves inlet/exhaust
  • Increases annulus area
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