Large Fossil LP Section Upgrade

Address the changes you are experiencing in plant operation and improvement, such as additional steam flow from boiler upgrades or changes in condenser vacuum capability, with GE’s upgrade for large fossil low pressure (LP) steam turbine sections.


  • Output
  • Efficiency
  • Availability
  • Reliability
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Delivering up to a 2.5 percent improvement in steam turbine output—due to recovered aging losses, an increased annulus area, and better steam path flow—this solution is available for large fossil steam turbines with double flow LP turbines (D-series, G-series) that would benefit from a change in the exhaust area.

  • Offers advanced steam path aerodynamics
  • Provides longer latter stage buckets and diaphragms
  • Increases exhaust annulus area
  • Offers integral cover buckets or improved sealing
  • Improves inlet and exhaust



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