LP Upgrade for LMZ/BHEL 200 MW

Simplifying and improving an older design.

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What Can Our LP Upgrade for LMZ/BHEL 200 MW Do for You?

The LMZ 200MW (and its derivatives) was license produced by BHEL of India. The Low Pressure (LP) cylinder of this machine is relatively inefficient, due to its dual-flow exhaust, which was designed to allow for the historic size limitations of Last Stage Blades (LSB). There are also maintenance issues associated with this design.

GE's proven solution replaces the last two stages with a single stage, which is both more efficient and more robust. The installation can be executed within the period of a major overhaul and provides improvements in every aspect.


  • Output improvement (generally > 1.8MW)
  • Reliability improvement
  • Lifetime extension