Steam Turbine oOEM Upgrades and Retrofits

With our vast steam turbine knowledge and global service network, we can service any steam turbine, regardless of manufacturer and application.

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What Can Steam Turbine OOEM Upgrades and Retrofits Do for You?

Even if GE is not the OEM of your turbine, you can still take advantage of our deep knowledge of turbine upgrade design. Enhance your turbine’s reliability and efficiency by using our upgrade solutions that are built on years of fleet field experience. If you decide to upgrade your steam turbine flow, our retrofits can breathe new life into your turbine.

Many steam turbines have untapped capacity and capabilities due to the conservative nature of their original design. To capitalize on these and other sources of latent potential, GE offers a unique set of modular solutions to improve efficiency and output, or boost operational flexibility and reliability.


Inefficiency, part obsolescence, performance deterioration, and reliability issues can all be addressed with major upgrades. These give a new lease on life, boost reliability and efficiency, and can even reduce CO2 emissions. We offer upgrades to:

  • The steam path wholly or partially, covering rotor and casings
  • Steam chests
  • Valve internal components
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Control, monitoring and diagnostic equipment


Upgrades that incorporate a new rotor are sometimes termed “retrofits.” Replacing the steam path (and often the whole cylinder, or cylinders) brings the full advantages of contemporary steam turbine technology and its benefits to all aspects of operation. Individual cylinders may be retrofitted or the whole shaftline addressed in one go. In every case the design solution is tailored to customer priorities.

Combined solutions

Our integrated approach allows us to find the perfect solution for your plant, budget and strategy. For example:

  • HP retrofit + LP upgrade
  • Governor + valves
  • Retrofit + service package



  • Services for any steam turbine, regardless of manufacturer and application
  • More than 1,250 steam turbine cylinders retrofitted by GE Power Services
  • ~40% of our retrofits are on third-party machines
  • Extended major inspection intervals (up to 100,000 hours for retrofitted components)
  • Typical efficiency increase of 5-10% from a retrofitted shaftline
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

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Power Services has a full scope of service capabilities supporting steam turbines from all major manufacturers. Our services can help improve the cost efficiency and reliability of the whole operating lifetime of your steam turbine.

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