Waukesha VHP Series 2-to-4 Upgrade

VHP S4 cylinder head upgrade packages offer the latest technology with field-tested S4 heads. Options include an upgrade to the scuff-resistant S4 piston, and a full S4 power option with an additional up to 200 bhp. Each of these product features can be combined or used separately to upgrade your already-installed VHP S2 gas engine. With these upgrades, you can expect to see increased uptime, reliability, and performance.

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What Can Upgrading Do for You?

  • Longer intervals between overhauls, means more uptime. Up to 60 percent longer intervals between top-end overhauls; up to 32,000* hours on L7042GSI S4 vs. 20,000 hours on existing L7042GSI engines.
  • Lower oil consumption. S4 pistons feature increased scuff resistance and three-ring design, which can reduce oil consumption by up to 67 percent, reducing makeup oil cost and catalyst masking.

*Intervals may vary depending on factors such as fuel quality, maintenance practices, and operating conditions. Engine configuration must be verified for upgrade opportunity.

How We Get You There

Three kit options are available:

  • Series 4 cylinder head upgrade
    Four-flex-head valve technology.
  • Power cylinder upgrade
    Includes Series 4 cylinder head upgrade, adding pistons and other components.
  • Power Boost  A power upgrade option offering up to 200 bhp and other features such as Series 4 cylinder head and piston upgrades.

 - These upgrade packages align well with top-end and bottom-end overhauls.

 - Upgrades can be combined with the reUp program for reciprocating engines remanufactured parts.